Tourism in Turkey comes in many different shapes and sizes. Such is the diversity present within this beautiful country, you are just as likely to come into contact with travellers about to embark upon a mountain-climbing mission as you are to meet a couple of culture vultures in search of Byzantine relics. There is a multitude of scenic stretches of sand encouraging those in search of a spot of sunshine and some pleasant surf; and on the other hand, the country offers thriving, cosmopolitan metropolises like Istanbul and Ankara.
Tourism in Turkey

Just like the rest of Turkey, Dalaman has a wealth of attractions to offer its visitors. It is best known for its beaches and its tourist-trap coastline, but if you care to look a little deeper you’ll soon find that there’s a whole lot more to discover in this south westerly quarter of Turkey.

We’ve done a little digging ourselves and come up with a few of our favorite cultural activities available in the area so that once you’ve discovered Dalaman through respected travel providers such as Thomas Cook, you can plan more than your flights – and start to sketch out your very own enlightening holiday schedule.

One of the reasons that Dalaman is so fascinating to historians, both amateur and professional, is its complex past. Its major towns and settlements developed through the Greek, the Roman and then the Byzantine empires. The remaining relics and ruins stretch across these three rich and sophisticated civilization, providing a unique insight into all three. As a result, Dalaman is home to some of the most intriguing archaeological sites in the world, and certain trips and tours will allow you to take part in the history hunt yourself.

Another great way to see another side of Turkish culture is through its cuisine. Eating out, or dining with Turkish families, will not only allow you to see how local resources have been used to create delicious and innovative courses, but will also give you a taste of the unforgettable Turkish hospitality – a key element to the culture.

And finally, you can take it to the streets: in May, each year, Dalaman hosts a cultural festival where it pulls out all the stops in order to provide locals and visitors with an unforgettable glimpse of many aspects of their native culture. From dance performances to live theatre and music to art exhibitions and public feasts, this is a late spring-time treat not to be missed.


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