For many years have been independent travelers-know it all, and I thought it was the best option not until I travelled with my friend. It was the most breathtaking moment, I enjoyed to the maximum and more so I saved some money which I used in shopping, something I couldn’t do when in the times I travelled alone.  Here are some reasons why a group tour is good.

You’ll gain valuable local knowledge

Ounce you travel as a group you will be fortunate to learn many things concerning the local people, including their local language, culture, cuisines, as you will interact with them sometime which may be difficult if you travel as a sole traveler. Ugandans are welcoming people so please feel free to ask them they will respond positively, and in case you are not well knowledgeable with the destination, accommodation, or restaurant, they will help you to direct you. You will hear them calling you ‘’muzungu’’ a local language referring to a foreigners. You will enjoy Laughing up a storm on a group food tour on your safari to Uganda’s top national parks of your choice in a self drive safari.

You can save money

When you travel as a group, you are guaranteed of saving some coins in your pocket, this is due to the fact that you are eligible to share most of the things including transportation, accommodation, guide, and many other items a cross the whole group. many tour companies and car hire companies give a discount to people travelling as a group so you may end up saving some money you may not have saved when travelled as an independent traveler, because here one  incur all the costs as an individual.

You can relax

Navigating a long journey alone can be exhausting especially when you don’t know the language or customs. That’s why joining a group is a right choice, here you can share a lot with your friend even if the journey is long you won’t feel it. Also you can just sit at the back and relax as well also you can do your business on the laptop and live a driver to drive you off, and whole trip will be pleasing. And even if it means crossing from Uganda to Rwanda or vice versa, the tour company can negotiate your visas at transfers at ounce.

You’ll meet different kinds of people

Group tours also have an advantage since you can get to know different kind of people of which you can develop strong relationships. And not only the people you travel with but also you are likely to meet others people at the destination, whom you can interact with, all these can make you tour a striking one.

You can maintain a sense of balance

When time is tight and you’re attempting to check off a long list of activities, having a sound itinerary is vital. Tour groups have the ability to balance engagement in activities and down time to a tee. Though most tours will force in as many experiences as possible, they still retain a degree of flexibility for those who need extra R&R and those who want some solo time.

You’ll share first-time experiences with someone else

Group tour gives you a chance to share your first experience with your friends, seeing a wonder of the world, tasting something new, watching a new culture, reaching your goal are some of the experience you can share with your friend on a safari, but if you travel alone this can’t be reached everything you see or experience you can’t share it to anyone. You spend a lovely but lonely day, stopping strangers to ask them to take a classic and a temple’ photo, but sharing a special moment with friends and family makes your safari a memorable one

You can find a travel family

If you find that your team is unable to travel with you, organized group travel presents a solution. In case your partner whom you want to travel with is too busy at work and he/she cannot spare time to travel with you, you can resort to a group tour, and you may end up enjoying more. Many families are fortunate enough to travel extensively, so better join a company of individuals with interests similar to her own you will have a memorable safari.

You can make friends for life

You can demonstrate connections that can make you long life friends, for example you can create shared drop box for images, exchanging blog posts and articles, create social network like Facebook, and so the bond created on a group tour can be easily forgotten. Join a group to travel with your expedition won’t be forgotten


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