If you want to go on a trip with your family or friends, and you have enough time, it is always better to go by road. And if you are more in numbers, it is always a sensible idea to opt for self-drive car hire services. Self-drive services have become one of the most widely accepted automobile-related services, especially for people who want a car for a short period whether for five days or a week. You can treat the car like your own for as long as you are using it. Self-drive car rental services will also make your drive a lot more convenient. Therefore, here are the seven best benefits of going on self-drive in Tanzania which explain all its positive sides to you.

Let us also discuss the benefits of car rental for a road trip

  1. Affordable

If we compare the charges of car rental services with that of a cab or taxi, car rentals are always more cost-effective. One of the most trusted car rental services in East Africa is provided by 4×4@selfdriveeastafrica.com. You can take the car rental services even for an entire month and the rates will be still pocket-friendly for you. If you want it for a longer period, you can do that by getting in touch with the company and requesting them to extend the period.

  1. Flexibility

As you take a self-drive car rental service, you get the flexibility of choosing a time to start the journey and taking as many pit-stops as you want. You do not have to be bothered about the driver who comes along with the cab and many times take breaks in between the journey as per his wish.

  1. Privacy

As you choose a self-drive car rental service, it is only you and your favorite people in the car. You do not have to worry about being watched or judged by any outsiders. The fun of a journey gets doubled when you are surrounded only by people that you call your own.

Weekends and late evenings are the only times that we get to spend with family and friends. Imagine the irritation of having an unknown driver snoop over all your conversations, smirk at your dilemmas, and laugh at your jokes. This gets even worse when you rent a cab for a tour outside the city spanning a couple of days.

  1. Hygienic

The cars on rent provided by Self Drive East Africa are deep cleaned and thoroughly sanitized before it is delivered to you. Therefore, you can forget about the virus and all the germs that the car may have. Hygiene is a big factor, especially in a time when the pandemic is giving a hard time to the world.

  1. Free maintenance

Maintenance and repairs on car rental service is included in the rental amount that you pay monthly. This is all taken care of by the company, and they will pick up the car for maintenance and servicing once a month and deliver it back to your home once done. Before picking it up from your home, you will get a call from them and the time can be decided at your convenience.

  1. Freedom

Going for a self-drive rental car takes out the fuss and irritation of a trip by giving you the freedom to be your own boss. You can get out of the house later than you planned, leave a place early, and stop as and when you please when you are driving your own rental car. There is absolutely no hurry because you do not have to deal with a running meter and a driver who needs to be somewhere else the moment, he is free of you.

  1. Cost Benefits

Apart from all the conveniences of self-drive rental cars, another major plus point in favor of the self-driven rental verses a cab is the cost. Cabs are costly because your driven to your destination and yet self-drive car rental your drive yourself to every destination at a fixed price.

  1. Reach your destination on time

In public transports such as buses or taxis, you can’t reach your destination on time. But in car rentals, it’s more convenient for you to travel very freely and reach your destination on time without any hassle. Whether planning for a weekend trip within the city or outstation, With rental car services you can get the different car models every weekend where you can choose your car type either big or small which fits your travel. All the cars are well-maintained, monitored regularly, and sanitized before and after every use, so you don’t have any about the safety measures.

  1. Rent based on your needs

Depending on the occasion and the number of passengers travelling, you can choose your car based on your needs. Whether it is a 4/5/6/7/8-seater cars, you can rent all the types of cars etc. For example, you can choose a light car which can make your travel very simpler through the city traffic or hire a comfort car, if you are planning for the best trip or a city tour covering short and long distances. You can also choose the budget rental cars for hourly, daily, weekly, and on monthly basis, which is the best solution for all your travel needs.

  1. Explore Hassle-Free Travel

With the car maintenance, fuel cost is one that adds to the car budget. With rental cars, you don’t have to worry about the fuel cost, you can pay according to your convenience either with or without fuel cost before renting it. Moreover, whether it is short or long trips, you can get a more relaxing time to spend for yourself or for your family.

  1. Fun-filled journey

When you drive the car, you can have the kind of fun you want to have with your friends or family. You can stop at various attractions that you come across on the way to your destination. You do not have to think about the excess time spent or wonder if you will reach on time.

  1. Routes

When you opt for a self-drive car service, you can take the route that you want. You get complete freedom and do not have to worry about being answerable to anyone. You can even improvise or go for an impromptu trip to any place you want at a moment’s notice.

Lastly, now that you are all set up for a road trip, what if you do not own a car? Well, trips are easy to plan and carry out if you have a car. And if you do not have one, you can any day opt for a car on rental. Gone are the days when you could only travel with total flexibility if you had a car. These days, self-drive cars can be taken on rent and you can drive to wherever you want and the way you want.

  1. Safety & Security

If you are taking a taxi, there are risks involved where the driver may fall asleep or neglect some safety guidelines. To avoid all these situations, you can easily go for self-drive car services. As you drive the car, you can be under control and take a break whenever you find the necessity of taking some rest. Also, you can maintain the speed limit and all security protocols.


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