Puerto Viejo is one of the most popular destinations for travelers who come to know Costa Rica , which is that it is like Manuel Antonio to the coast peaceful, Puerto Viejo and the beaches are a natural paradise, this time on the Caribbean shore of the country.

Near Puerto Viejo is really a extensive and kilometer coastal area from the very town of P ort Viejo to Manzanillo , where one area starts even wildest beaches and wild nature. The just under 15 miles between the two populations are themselves the reason to bring-is there.

Starting with Puerto Viejo , note that it is the resort of the area and therefore is full of bars, hotels and restaurants . It is a very frequented by backpackers and surfers place enjoys rockin overnight. It is the perfect choice for those seeking a place lively and crowded.

Later is Playa Cocles , ideal for practitioners surf because it has big waves almost daily you get started in this water sport. Similarly, there are areas where the difficulty of the waves make the beach also an ideal place for the more experienced. Being so close to Puerto Viejo, is also a party destination and in which there are also all kinds of services.

Following this direction, we find Playa Chiquita, an area sheltered from strong currents and which enjoy the typical postcard Caribbean beach. The coconut palms and turquoise sea come in an extremely beautiful and paradise combination. This is an area with some hotels and scattered in the distance, on the main road, so it is a very quiet and ideal for those who want to unwind shelters.

The next beach is Playa Punta Uva , but large heavy waves of Cocles. This is one of the most beautiful of the entire journey as it combines the best of all of the above: large enough to feel alone, and sufficiently protected from the sea so that the waters are calm. It is a very quiet and with little accommodation instead. The restaurants are scarce so you have to buy food at a supermarket in the road if you want to spend the day here.

Finally, before reaching Manzanillo , Playa Grande is , a vast white sand beach and turquoise waters and is a little more brave but does not reach the point of Playa Cocles. Its vastness make it a perfect beach for those who want to forget the world and find a place to be alone.

Manzanillo is a much smaller town than Puerto Viejo and unlike it, mostly concentrated in the national tourism weekends visiting the area. Therefore, the experience is much more native . However, does not have much tourist infrastructure beyond some good and cheap restaurants and a small pension.

However, the area is ideal to discover for a few days and able to decide for yourself which of their favorite beaches. Moreover, doing so is easy: first, there is obviously the possibility of walking through the beaches that separate the miles between them and on the other hand, there is a bus that continually unites Puerto Viejo with Manzanillo stopping at every beach (Manzanillo Limon-bus route).

Whichever option that you choose to discover Puerto Viejo, do not even think to forget the sunscreen, bathing suit and towel. sure you’ll love it. 


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