Even though Uganda is a land locked country, it is known across the world as a rich destination with countless number of attractions of historical, natural and cultural importance. Uganda is boarded by Kenya in the east, South Sudan in the north, Democratic Republic of Cong in the west, Rwanda in the south western and Tanzania in the south. Uganda is one of the countries where you can stand in the middle of the world when you decide to visit the Equator. Uganda is filled with incredible adventure and leisure activities, you can either choose to get lost in the wilderness or feel the breeze along the lake.

One of the destination that is interesting and impressive to explore on your safari in Uganda is Kampala, capital city of the pearl of Africa. This destination has a lot of attractions which you will enjoy to visit such as the Uganda Museum, National theatre, religious places and many others. And each attraction has a story attached to it that is waiting for you to uncover. Filled with friendly and warm people, Uganda is renowned to be with the most friendly and hospitable people in the world. Kampala is surrounded by 7 hills and is one of the fastest growing cities in Africa. It also has good markets with a variety of food stuffs notably the fresh fruits of all kinds.

Lake Victoria is another destination you will explore on your Uganda safari, it is the largest fresh water lake in Africa and it covers 70,000 kilometers. It is shared by three countries namely Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Travelers enjoy activities such as boat cruise, sport fishing on this lake. The incredible moment you can enjoy on this lake is the one where you’re on a boat cruise especially in the evening hour and the sun sets while viewing it, it creates a memorable moment. This lake is in the south of Kampala so it is easy to access it.

Lake Mburo national park, the smallest savannah park in Uganda is found along the Kampala- Mbarara high way in Kiruhura District. This park has a variety of bird species and home to largest number of zebras and the largest eland antelope. This park is a must to explore when you visit Uganda however it also has a number of wildlife like Impala, Buffaloes, Uganda kob, Giraffes and many others, the scenery of the park will catch your eyes. It is possible to explore this park for only one day however if you wish to spend there a night, this park has a wide range of accommodation options, including Luxury, Mid-range and Budget.

Ziwa Rhino sanctuary the only place where you can encounter the wild white rhinos in Uganda. It is a good place where you can trek the rhino on foot and it is easy to access. It is found in nakasongola district on the gulu high way. So far the place accommodates 22 white however you can also enjoy a nature walk, night walks, birding watching and relaxation in this place.

Murchison falls National Park is among the peculiar destinations to discover in Uganda. It accommodates 4 of the big five animals and it is also the home of Murchison falls – the powerful water falls on earth. It also has a variety of wildlife such as giraffes, hippos, elephants, antelopes, buffaloes and the big cats. It is also home to East Africa’s largest tropical rain forest, Budongo forest and here visitors can enjoy a number of activities such as nature / forest walks, chimpanzee tracking, birding and others. You don’t need to miss out this place during a visit to Uganda.

Rwenzori Mountain also known as the mountain of the moon and one of the destination that attracts adventure travelers to Uganda. It is the only place where one can witness snow throughout the year despite the fact that it lies astride the equator where temperatures are assumed to be high. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and this is also home to the remote Rwenzori mountain national park which is a habitat for amazing plant life, water falls, V-shaped valleys, small crater lakes and glaciated planes.

Bwindi Impenetrable rain forest national park is the most sought after destination in Uganda, found in south western Uganda, it is one of the parks with rich ecosystems in the world and a haven to the endangered mountain gorillas. And if you were looking for the reason to travel to Uganda then Mountain Gorilla trekking can be it. Visit Uganda and experience trekking and meeting the gorillas face to face in their natural habitat.


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