In the main Himalayas, the state of Himachal Pradesh is not only popular for its icy mountains, experience activities and heavy falls, but also well-known for many lakes that dot valleys across its areas. There are over a number of well-known lakes, which protect 1% of the place of the condition. Fed by snowfall reducing sources and floor the water rises, many of these are organised pious by Hindus. Enthusiasts have designed luxurious temples on the outside of the lakes, which are frequented by a large number of pilgrims every season.

Some of these are organic bequests that have persisted for an incredible number of decades while there are also a few man made lakes. Renuka, the biggest organic lake in Himachal Pradesh in Sirmour region is formed like a postioned woman- the lake is an embodiment of Goddess Renuka. Held sacred by all Hindus for the tale of Renuka’s son associated with it, the river has two temples devoted to the mother-son duo. Among mid elevation lakes in Himachal Pradesh, the most well-known are the Dal Lake Dharamshala, Rewalsar ,and Khajjar Lake.

There are many thin air lakes as well, such as Prashar, Nako, Chandratal , SurajTal Lake, Kumarwah Lek, Manumahesh Lake, and others. Manmade lakes consist of Pong Dam (Maharana Pratap Lake, Gobind Sagar and Pandoh Lake). These lakes are well-known vacationer areas in Himachal Pradesh. Lakes that have spiritual significance are frequented by devotees, who come here to take a dip in their sacred rich waters. Others provide guests a probability to seafood and vessel.

Surrounded by dense jungles, these ponds existing spectacular opinions, which are seemed by guests with dumbstruck look. Among the thin air ponds many of them function a little field of the water, which stay icebound throughout the winter seasons.


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