Founded in 1965, the Siam Square is the most famous shopping center in Thailand, like Shinjuku District in Japan, Ximending District of Taiwan province, gathering a lot of international chain stores and schools, bookstores, as well as bars, attracting lots of young people in Bangkok.

In the center of the Siam square stands a performance stage, with a variety of performances and small concerts. It becomes a fashionable gathering place for students and fashionistas.The most famous shopping malls include MBK shopping center which provides customers with a substantial discount, Siam Paragon shopping district which operates high-end luxury goods, fashionable Banglamphoo shopping district as well as the Panthip Electronic Plaza which sells electronic products.
Initially there were only some usual tenants in the Siam Square, later a large number of brand coming to Siam Square, which began a peripheral expansion. The Thailand film love of Siam is taken in the Siam Square in in 2007.

At the first glance of the Siam Square, a lot of people may consider themselves in Taipei City or the Harajuku street. If there are several cities for you to choose for work , I believe most people should have select Milan, Paris as well as New York. Maybe Bangkok is the last city for people to choose. In fact, Bangkoks fashion vitality are better than other cities for many years. The Siam Square is gathered with all of Bangkoks tidal current.

The Siam Square is a gathering place for young Thai designers and independent brands. Many of these characteristic shops display a large number of creative clothing, fashionable baubles with low price and high quality. Therefore, more and more young Thai people like to go around Bangkok. Foreign tourists preferred sauntering and purchasing here with a feeling of fashionable ideas of young Thai generation.


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