Uganda is famously known as the Pearl of Africa because of its good climate, ever green vegetation, favorable temperature, the breath taking land scape, the wildlife and man’s closest relatives the gorillas and chimps. A Uganda safari is a treasure trove of opportunities for fun and relaxation. Recreation is not only the name of the game here, but it’s found in so many different places.

  1. Wildlife

Uganda as many say its gifted by nature and this is so as it’s national parks have a combination of all the Big five wildlife; the lions, buffalos, elephants, rhinos and leopards. Not only does it have the big five but it also has the other wildlife like the antelopes and the different bird species. The wildlife can be seen in the national parks like Queen Elizabeth, Murchison falls, Lake Mburo, Kidepo national park.

  1. Primates

These include the chimps which can be seen swimming from tree to tree and the can be found in Kibale forest national park. But man’s closest relative the gorillas can be found in Bwindi impenetrable forest where a glimpse of the sliver back pounding its chest it’s chest will leave you with a memory to treasure for a life time. Taking a gorilla safari into the impenetrable forest to search for the mountain gorillas is one of the most interesting adventures to undertake.

  1. Scenery

The ever green vegetation and the beautiful rolling hills will leave you breathless as you en route to the national parks of Queen Elizabeth, Murchison falls and Kibale national park.

  1. Islands

Lake Victoria has over 80 islands which are good for relaxation and also provide a conducive environment for honeymooners.

  1. Culture

The Pearl of Africa has over 60 tribes that speak different languages with this cultural dimension you can easily make out from its festivals and art forms. The local food of Uganda is another specialty that you will enjoy on Uganda safaris through the Pearl of Africa. Feel free to try the local Ugandan dishes including Luwombo, Nyama Choma, Rolex, etc.


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