Going on a vacation in Africa with your loved ones is indeed, one of the most fun-filled and joyous experiences. You get to discover the most beautiful places, exotic landscapes, virgin forests, and so much more. Traveling involves careful planning and there are travel agents who will help you to organize some of your tour preparations.

When traveling, planning is very important as it will give you enough time to decide which things need to be done first and what essential items to be carried.

  1. First of all, keep your travel documents securely and if you are planning overseas vacation, do not wait until the last minute to obtain, update passports or visas as this may require several weeks.
  2. To get the competitive rates for your transportation and holiday accommodations, you will need to make your reservations in advance. You can obtain some best bargains during the off-season when demand will be low.
  3. Along with travel documents and your clothing, you must carry medication that you or any of your family members may require. Before embarking on a trip, check to make sure that you are allowed to travel with certain medications as some countries have strict rules concerning certain drugs.
  4. Your best protection is to be careful, book your tours through trustworthy agencies, and if possible avoid traveling alone to an unfamiliar destination. Try to know the traditions and local culture of the destination before you start your trip. It is important to do your homework and know the area you will be visiting and the applicable laws, locations of best tourist spots, and the kind of people you will have to interact with.
  5. As a result of terrorist activities, airports have increased their security inspections before allowing passengers to board. Get to the airport sufficiently early to manage the security check-in congestion. The locks for your luggage must be Travel Security Administration (TSA) approved ones so that your luggage can be opened for inspection without having to break your locks.
  6. When traveling, be constantly aware of your surroundings to guard against pickpockets. Travel with no more than two credit cards, and notify the card companies that you will be traveling so that they will not put a hold on your cards when they notice charges from unfamiliar places.
  7. Before leaving on a vacation with your family, make sure you have enough money and adequately financially equipped such that you do not run out of cash during the tripe. It is good to budget your expenses beforehand and avoid overspending.
  8. Carry a digital camera that uses AA batteries instead of a camera that uses proprietary batteries. They are less expensive to replace, easy to charge and are easily available wherever you go.
  9. When packing your clothes pile them up one on top of another and then fold them to fit into a portable suitcase. This will mean less creasing and you will not have to run around in wrinkled. Always pack each box or suitcase with a mixture of clothing of each family member traveling. Even if a bag is lost, no one will be left with out changing clothes. Further, you will only have to open and repack one suitcase at each hotel.  Please note that Africa may require different clothing. Try to study the country you are to visit in advance or an adventure activity you are taking for instance gorilla trekking, rafting, mountain climbing, require special clothing.
  10. Finally, do not expect everything on your vacation to be perfect. You are possibly going to your dream destination and if you are taking your kids along you will certainly have challenging moments. Forget all about the worries and enjoy the vacation and your hard-earned rest.

Wish you a nice safari in Africa!


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