There are a million reasons why a trip to Rwanda should be your must do thing this coming holiday. A visit to this stunning country allows you to explore its exceptional tourist attractions and also take part in varied safari activities that come with distinct experiences. For any plans to spend your holiday in Africa, Rwanda is that one country you should count a must to visit.

Below are some of the reasons why Rwanda should be on your 2019 bucket list

Gorilla trekking

With only 1004 mountain gorillas that are left on the planet, Rwanda is that one country to get you that golden opportunity to get up close with a group of these special creatures while they are in their natural habitat. The others include Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In the remarkable Rwanda, you can take part in this life changing gorilla trekking adventure in Volcanoes National Park. You can obtain a gorilla permit at $1500 through a reliable tour operator or through reservation daprtment at Rwanda Development Board (RDB). There are also several primate species for you to look out in different sites in Rwanda in addition to mountain gorillas. They include chimpanzees, L’Hoest monkeys, golden monkeys, Angola colobus, grey cheeked mangabey, olive baboons a mention but a few.

Explore the big game

African safari without big game is never complete. To have a complete safari, consider visiting Rwanda a must for a thrilling African experience and you won’t regret. While on wildlife safari in Rwanda, Akagera National Park is that one spectacular savanna park you should pay a visit and you will have the best sights at the vast savanna wildlife species including the African elephants, lions, buffaloes, rhinos, leopards and not to forget zebras, hippos, crocodiles, topis, sitatunga, waterbucks, duikers, roan antelopes, klipspringer, reedbuck and not forget birds which make up 530 bird species both woodland and aquatic bird species including the shoebill stork, papyrus gonoleks. These can be spotted while on game drive that gets mainly the best sights at terrestrial species and boat cruise for aquatic species


For unique African experience, Rwanda is a perfect destination for you to have the best of African cultural exploration. A cultural safari in Rwanda, takes you to Butare where the Rwanda’s university is situated as well as most attractions including the national museum that refuges the finest ethnographic collection in East Africa. At the museum, you will explore the rare African culture and way of life in Rwanda.  A taste of Rwanda traditional meals rewards you with lots of memories. Wide range of foods are available and they are prepared in different styles while keeping true unique Rwanda.

Explore more about the 1994 Rwanda genocide

Every prominent country has its own history to share and so is Rwanda. The 1994 Rwanda genocide was such a tragic events in life that today still remains in the minds of many. To explore more about this terrific event, the best available options are Kigali genocide site, Nyanza genocide site, Nyamata genocide center, murambi genocide center, Ntarama, Bisesero and many more.

Hike the Virunga Volcanoes

Besides wildlife, Rwanda is remarkably a hiker’s paradise. Though the Volcanoes National Park Rwanda is most known for hosting the mountain gorillas, it is a home to five Virunga Volcanoes (Muhabura, Sabyinyo, Gahinga, Bisoke and Karisimbi). For thrilling hiking experiences, the best options include Mount Sabyinyo especially on the Uganda side and Bisoke that rewards hikers with breathtaking views over its Crater Lake. You can also hike through Karisimbi volcano which straddles at altitude of about 4507 meters.

Mesmerizing landscape

Dubbed the Land of a Thousand Hills, Rwanda boasts of its endless rolling hills what come with breathtaking landscape. Its landscape is characterized by lush vegetation, mountains, great lakes, swamps and others. If you are a nature lovers, then this is a lovely destination you need to not miss to explore while on African safari. Lake Kivu on its own boasts of its unique inland beaches that are worth chilling and relaxing out with your dear ones. In the southwest, Nyungwe forest national park comes with its own remarkable landscape and features as Rwanda’s a main refuge to one of the ancient tropical rain forests in Africa with variety of primate species, northwest comprises of Volcanoes National Park where the rare mountain gorillas thrive from. On the other hand, Akagera national park which is an extensive savanna grassland.


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