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North America in short
North America covers an area of 24 709 000 square kilometres and is located in the Northern Hemisphere. The continent consists of 23 countries. There are so many exciting destinations to visit in North America. The continent has several beaches ideal for summertime enjoyment.

North America consists of three large nations. They are Canada, the United States of America, and Mexico. There are also seven smaller nations at its southern extreme, around two dozen island nations and territories of different sizes in the Caribbean, and one isolated French territory off the Canadian Atlantic coast.

North America also has many must see natural wonders such as The Niagara Falls amongst many others which will leave you breathless and wanting to see more of what the continent has to offer. The continent is famous for offering the best entertainment. People entertain themselves at places such Las Vegas with its bars which stay open 24 hours a day and the popular Walt Disney World which offers different types of entertainment to people of all age groups. Several different festivals such as music festivals, film festivals and many others are hosted in different locations of the continent.

Here are the top 10 travel destinations in North America:


Cape Cod is a favourite summertime destination located in Massachusetts. If you have ever wondered how glass is made and perhaps also curious about its history then the Sandwich Glass Museum is a must visit, for demonstrations and to view over 5 000 glassware pieces were produced there in the 19th century. For those who fancy craftwork and perhaps want to get yourself, or someone else fine craftwork, The Samuell Day Gallery would be the ideal place as it has a variety of artwork such as glass art, pottery, jewellery and many more craftwork and artwork to choose from. Going on a cruise trip or boat tour is a must do activity. You can view sea life such as seals, dolphins and whales on such tours. Bonfires are allowed or rather legal at a few private beaches only, six to be precise. One has to first get a National Seashore Fire Permit at the beach you wish to have a bonfire.


Niagara Falls is a Canadian city located in Ontario. For a great view of Niagara Falls, go to the Clifton Hill Sky Wheel. Chocoholics surely need to make a turn at the Fudge Factory for an insight of how candy is produced by candy cooks. The Fudge Factory produces 50 different types of chocolate and candy so your favourites are likely to be made there. For a unique view of the city’s attractions, you can experience sightseeing from a helicopter. If you have always wanted to have a unique wedding, How about exchanging vows and saying “yes I do” at the Chapel in the Sky 2 500 feet above Niagara? Visit the Nightmare Fear Factory for a thrilling experience. One has to be really bold to go through with such a scary activity which had over 100 000 people back out. Nightmare Fear Factor was Niagara’s Attraction of the year twice.


The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge located in San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge was opened in 1937 and connects San Francisco to California. It is known to be the longest suspension bridge in the world which took over 10 years to plan and four years to construct. Outdoor exhibits are offered for visitors to learn about the engineering, history and science of the Golden Gate Bridge’s construction which is 1.7 miles long. Another way to learn about the history of the bridge is by going on walking tours provided by San Francisco City Guides. The bridge has a café at which people can buy snacks and drinks. For a great view of the bridge, it would be ideal to rent a bike which you can ride on the bridge or going on a tour bus. The Golden Gate Bridge is so fascinating that it has been included in over 20 movies.


Mexico City is the capital of Mexico. Mexico City is has fascinating modern architecture such as the Casa Luis Barragán which is where the architect of this divine building lived. Mexico City is famous for its many different museums. The Palace of Fine Arts exhibits presentations of Mexican traditional dances, music and costumes from across the country. For handmade craftwork, Tienda Museo de Arte Popular would be the ideal place to go to for craftwork such as clay sculptures, beaded bracelets, paintings, figurines and ceramic made objects while vendors in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico City sell knitted sweaters, pottery, shawls, Toltec masks, obsidian and stone carved figures, beaded jewellery and turquoise. For a taste of Mexican food, make sure to visit Nicos, one of the oldest traditional restaurants in Mexico.


The Walt Disney World Resort is an entertainment area located in Florida. There is so much to do and see at the resort and caters to people of all ages. You’ll have the opportunity to visit your favourite Disney characters all over the resort. For animal lovers, make sure to start off at the Animal Kingdom by going on the Kilimanjaro Safari where you can view several wild animals. Those who like to play video games should not miss the Toy Story Midway Mania which seems to be one of the most popular attractions in Disney World as it always has long queues. You can also on a ride in a spaceship known as Spaceship on Earth. Mickey’s PhilharMagic showcases 3D films for 12 minutes incorporating songs from favourite Disney movies. If you love racing, make sure to visit the Richard Petty Driving Experiences where you can either watch others in action or get behind the wheel yourself.


Banff National Park is the oldest national park in Canada and is located in Alberta. Banff was established in the Rocky mountains in 1885 and covers an area of 6 641 square kilometres. Banff offers half day and full day sightseeing tours, usually at Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. A full day tour includes an alpine picnic lunch. Wildlife can be viewed by going on Banff wildlife tours which is a favourite activity for Banff National Park visitors. Banff also offers carriage rides and horseback riding tours which range from hourly to full day rides. Four distinctive hikes that exhibit the best trails in Banff were chosen. Tour guides provide information about flora and fauna that you encounter on hiking tours. For an up close view of wolves and wolf dogs while observing them at the same time, make sure to go on a wolf dog sanctuary tour.


Las Vegas is a resort city located in Nevada. Las Vegas is famous for its casinos and other entertainment alternatives which are open 24/7 but there is more to see and do in Las Vegas. For a night of fun, get yourself the 2 Club VIP Party Pass which grants you access to 2 of the best entertainment venues. You can view the city from above by going on a helicopter tour, watch performances by award-winning musicians and going shopping at premier shopping areas. The largest permanent circus can be found at Circus-Circus where you can ride on a unicycle or watch others ride. Chocoholics go on a factory tour at Ethel M which gives free samples. There are a lot of wedding chapels to get married in if you want an intimate wedding ceremony. If you are intrigued by crime scene investigation, MGM Grand will walk you through the steps that real investigators take.


Kauai is an island in Hawaii. Kauai is also referred to as Garden Isle and is Hawaii’s fourth largest island. Some areas of this island can only be accessed by air or sea. Your trip to Kauai would be incomplete without attending any of its festivals. Kauai hosts several festivals a year where the locals celebrate and honour their culture. Alekoko Menehune Fishpond is worth a visit so you can learn about the Munehune people who are supposedly the little people of Hawaii. The Munehune are said to have built the pond in just one night 1 000 years ago. Some of the many activities one can do in Kauai are whale watching, horseback riding, surfing, mountain tubing, fishing, hiking, boating, snorkelling and scuba diving. If you want to get something to take home, make a turn at the Museum Gift Shop for items you can keep as a reminder of your trip.


The Grand Canyon is a canyon in Arizona. The Grand Canyon is 1 857 metres deep, 29 kilometres wide and 446 kilometres long. 129 vegetation communities exist in Grand Canyon National Park. The canyon has about 1 737 vascular plant species, 195 lichen species, 167 fungi species and 64 moss species which can all be viewed in the Grand Canyon National Park. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife service has given special status to 63 plants found in the Grand Canyon National Park. The Colorado River has 33 species of crustacean of which 16 are said to be zooplankton organisms. If you want to view birds, you will see many of them along the Colorado River and are from 48 different bird species. Activities that you can do at the canyon are hiking, rafting, skydiving, sightseeing and going on helicopter tours if you prefer to view the canyon from the air.


Québec City is located in Canada’s mainly French speaking Québec province. The Aquarium du Québec has 10 000 creatures consisting of invertebrates, amphibians, exotic and native fish, reptiles and mammals such as seals, polar bears and walruses. Québec has a variety of mouth-watering local food served in most restaurants. You would want to try out poutine, beavertails, maple crepes and maple sugar pie. You will not be disappointed. Québec offers several tours such as helicopter, bike, sightseeing, walking, beer tasting, food and drink tours among many others. The adventurous can go on hot air balloon flights. You can also go on a dinner cruise or historic discoverer cruise. Valcartier, an amusement park in Québec is an ideal destination for summertime. It has a wave pool, 35 water slides and two themed rivers.


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