Are you planning to have your honeymoon holiday with your dear one in Africa? And you are sure of which destination to visit? Well, Africa is that one unique destination that allows every visitor to realize his or her dreams. For honeymooners, there is a lot more for you to enjoy that will leave a lasting memory. While on honeymoon tour, expect to have the best experiences with diverse wildlife or head off to any of Africa’s beaches and scenic lakes.

Below are major destinations for you to have the best of your honeymoon tour in Africa.

The Victoria Waterfalls

If you have always wished to visit that one most scenic site then the Victoria waterfalls should be a must in your travel plan. This touristic site is ideal for nature lovers, honeymooners and it gets you the best of Africa’s most exceptional beauty. This natural wonders offers the best views. The Victoria waterfall straddles around the Zambezi River and while here, you have variety of activities to engage in that will leave lasting memories.

The Masai Mara National Reserve

For any plans to embark on a honeymoon trip in East Africa, the Masai Mara National Reserve is that one magical wilderness area you should count including in your list. This reserve offers you a chance to have incredible views over its precious wildlife species such as the wildebeests, gazelles, lions, elephants, buffaloes, rhinos, leopards, birds a mention but a few.

Bazaruto/Tofo archipelago in Mozambique

To pick one of these magical archipelagos is usually very challenging but a honeymoon holiday here rewards travel endeavors with lots of memories. They are about 247 kilometers apart and very unique. The Tofo is best known as a sleepy town with variety of ingredients for you and your dear one. It is the prime destination with the most spectacular beaches. On the other hand, Bazaruto features about 4 islands that are ideal for you to chill and relax out. Besides, it features a marine national park which straddles within this archipelago.


This is another best spot for honeymooners to chill out. It is best described as island state comprising of over 115 scenic islands with beautiful vegetation. Its rare vegetation features unique floral and faunal species that are equally worth exploring.  While on honeymoon safari here, you have a chance to relax out in any of the beaches. They include among others the Gran Anse and Vallee de Mai Nature reserve. For any need for exotic experience, Seychelles should be a must for you to visit while on safari in Africa.

Namib Rand Nature Reserve/Etosha National Park

If you are interested in something a little bit adventurous and romantic then a visit to Namib Rand Nature Reserve or Etosha National Park is worth it. For those of you who prefer active experiences then Quad biking or hike around the reserve is perfect choice. Etosha National Park equally rewards travelers on African safari with amazing wildlife encounters. It is a famous home to the big five game and other varied wildlife species.

Zanzibar Island

The Zanzibar Island is a must visit for travelers looking to a honeymoon holiday in East Africa. This semi-autonomous region of Tanzania is a very peaceful destination located just 25-50km off Tanzania. It is also known as the Spice Island and it is a rewarding destination to honeymooners visiting Africa.

Ssese Islands

The less known Ssese Islands are tropical islands located within the Lake Victoria. Ssese is an archipelago that is composed of over 84 different islands. The largest of these islands is the Bugala Island a must visit for tourists taking Uganda safaris and holidays.

Other stunning places include Obudu mountain resort-if you plan to spend your honeymoon in Nigeria, Cape Wine lands in case you are heading off to South Africa for your honeymoon trip and many more.

In conclusion, if you are looking for that one perfect destination to reward you with lasting memories while on honeymoon safari in Africa then a visit to any of the above destinations is worth it. Come and have a memorable honeymoon trip of a lifetime in Africa and you won’t regret.


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