During our good golden days when I was still in Nursery School, we used to sing about the best colours that we had ever seen. I remember singing, “…. green is the best colour i’ve ever seen ……” – that is if my memory is not weak. By then, I could not give you a fair reason as to why I considered it to be the best but I have come to realize its significance while growing up.

Together with many other unique wonders, here is the reason why you should visit the country that has been known to be the Land Gifted by Nature;

The Flora

If we take a closer look at plants, green symbolizes life – in a sense that if a plant is green, it has life but if it changes color. The importance of green as far as tourism in Uganda is concerned can not be under-estimated! Most of the parts of Uganda are green. From the savanna game parks to jungle forests, Uganda has been ranked Africa’s greenest country for so long.

If you look at the flora in the country, most of it is green in colour and oh, how beautiful it looks. The forests, the grass and flowers, shrubs, the plants that give us food – including fruits and vegetables, the list is kind of endless.

Most of us plant grass and flowers in our compounds back home, in the various play grounds, in the gardens at hotels and other accommodation facilities, hospitals, etc. But why do we do this? You may find that the number one answer behind it is for decoration, although other factors may also be considered.


Food is a very important aspect of life and whether you like it or not, you have to eat because it is a necessity and not a want. Even a few people who lack shelter have to eat in order to stay alive. Most of the food that we eat in Uganda comes from green plants – including vegetables, fruits and what have you. Most fruits are eaten when they are ripe and by this time, they have changed colour to may be yellow, orange or red. So when you come across a fruit with a different colour, please put it at the back of your mind that this fruit was once green in colour.

The Animals

Have you ever taken trouble to find out where most animals in Uganda live? In forests, shrubs, grasslands, on certain farms, all of which have colour green – oh, how beautiful! Live alone the very few domestic animals that are reared on zero grazing (may be someone in the city surburbs has one cow and two goats or so ), most animals live in green habitats. The wild animals in our part of the world are conserved in their natural environments which include; the green forests, shrubs, grasslands – to the extent that even for those that were brought together in one place at Uganda Wildlife Education Centre(U.W.E.C), efforts were made to put them in their natural environment in a green setting.

Rare Safari Opportunities

Take a tour to the green forests of Bwindi and Mgahinga national parks where gorilla trekking safaris take place, Kibale Forest and Budongo forests are also known habitats for chimpanzees, visit the grasslands and shrubs of national parks such as Queen Elizabeth and Murchison falls to see other wildlife such as lions, elephants, hippos, etc. The green environment in Uganda is also a good habitat for various bird species and for this matter, take note of the fact that Uganda is now one of the best birding destinations in the whole world.


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