The capital, Accra posses as the the Las Vegas in Ghana when  it comes to partying or just having a romantic day out with that lovely person in your life . Some of these places are quite expensive but definitely worth the time being spent there.

This article is not a sponsored post so the places listed below were chosen out of our own findings and how interesting they appeared to us .


Frankies serves as an eatery and also at the same time provides accommodation  to who ever wants top spend the whole night there. It is  the best place to  experience the diversity of the Ghanaian culture whether day or night. Frankies have limited rooms of only 20 yet they make sure all customers are satisfied before they take the exit. Compared to other places, a visit to frankies will have you enjoying  free wifi ,perfect room service and even Airport transportation .

Kona Cafe And Grill

Kona Cafe and Grill is the best place to be if you want to feel the best experience of the  traditional drinks and culture, From tables to chairs  and to the surrounding is just an extra effort to give visitors the best experience of being in the Ghanaian soil.


if you’re hoping to have fun  then bloombar bar has everything you need to curb your urges ..Certainly one of the favorite bars in Accra. The proprietors and staff are cool, the setting is very much kept, and the stylistic layout is a present day touch of magic . It’s quiet in the early hours for individuals who simply need to relax and appreciate the climate. The setting turns up later at night on the grounds that the music is astounding and will get your feet twitching by themselves ! It’s a hotspot for people looking to have fun . Regardless of whether you’re with companions or family it never frustrates.


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