Ghana is a beautiful country in West Africa. It has a broad coast line with sunny beaches and one of Africa’s most friendly people. If you are ever planning to visit an African country for a holiday with its ‘always summer’ weather, Ghana is definitely the place to be. The country has many tourist attractions all over its 10 regions. Sunny beaches, game reserves, historical ruins are among the many types of places you can visit in Ghana.

Beaches and Beach resorts

Ghana’s coastline can be found in four regions including the capital city, Accra. Ghana has sandy, rocky and black beaches all of which are a beauty to behold. Beach parties and bonfires are organized by many beaches in the city. If you want a place to hang out and mingle with some locals this will be just perfect. Outside the city there are many beach resorts that offer a serene and calming experience for tourists who love the peace and quietness. Ghana also has a number of beautiful islands managed by beach resorts. Nothing beats privacy like an island.

Nature Parks And Game Reserves

Take a drive out of Accra, the capital of Ghana and head to several nature parks and game reserves. Ghana boasts of the longest canopy walkway in Africa at the Kakum National Park. Walk on this exciting walkway while listening and interacting with beautiful species of animals. At the Mole National Park you will have the chance to see real life elephants. These gigantic animals live there along with many other wild animals. Safari’s are offered to tourists upon request.

In conclusion Ghana is by far one of Africa’s best tourist destinations not limited to but mostly because of the weather, the people and most especially the places to visit.

Mountain Climbing And Paragliding

Ghana is one of Africa’s most touristy countries. The country is blessed with tons of aesthetic nature cites littered all over the country. There are tons of bars, parks and theaters to visit in the country but one thing that makes Ghana unique is it’s natural tourist attractions. There are many mountains and escapements worth visiting.

If you are not afraid of heights dash to the Volta region in Ghana where you find one of Africa’s highest mountains, Mt. Afadjato. A hiking trip up this mountain will have your adrenaline pumping with excitement. The sweat and aches will definitely be worth it immediately you reach the top. The mountain top gives a view of both Ghana and its neighboring country Togo. The climb offers a nice experience of nature with every step.

Once in a year during the Easter holidays a paragliding event is held at the Kwahu mountains in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Lovers of extreme sports will find this very fulfilling. Paragliding down the beautiful Kwahu mountains is an experience you must try! There is always a professional team to assist with the activity and no accidents have ever been recorded since the paragliding event started over 8 years ago. Each glider has their own instructor and gets a number of beautiful selfies to take home which are captured in action but you can always bring along a Gopro for more action shots or videos. The town is also one of Ghana’s coolest with lots of beautiful flora and fauna


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