A safari holiday is something that most people can only dream of but they are now much more affordable than they used to be. You can simply do a safari day trip while you are in Tanzania or opt for a safari of up to two weeks, depending upon your tastes. Each safari is very different and you should be prepared to see all kinds of wildlife while there.

The day trips in Tanzania often start from places such as Arush or Marangu. You take the trip into the national park and the tour company provides you with a lunch and bottled water. Arusha National Park is a great place as this particular day safari is a combination of walking and riding in the jeep. A day safari can also take you to meet the Chagga people who live close to the bottom of Kilimanjaro. This is a great place to find out more about the local culture. Alternatively there is the Maasai Cultural Village Tour, where you also get to stay overnight and find out more about the lifestyle of the Maasai.

A four day camping safari is the next option for a safari holiday in Tanzania. The itinerary for these can vary a great deal but there are trips where you can take in more than one national park including Lake Manyara National Park and the Serengeti National Park. A typical trip will take you to Lake Manyara National Park on the first day. Driving in an open-topped vehicle you will get to enjoy amazing views as you travel along. Within this national park you get to see lions climbing trees and a whole range of other animals such as elephants and giraffes. From here you go on to the Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. This is officially one of the largest conservation areas that the world has to offer and during the months of October and November you might get to see some of the ‘great migration’ – the journey of the wildebeest and zebras as they cross the national park. The return journey takes place in April, May and June each year.

The next day will allow you to spend even more time in this area and see sights such as the Ngorongoro Crater and the Oldupai Gorge where some important archaeological discoveries have been made. You even get to camp on the edge of the crater and enjoy some fantastic views. Finally you move on to Arusha after a further morning near the crater.

A lodge safari is the final option and there are many choices here in terms of the type of lodge and the length of stay. You get the same luxury accommodation as you would staying in a hotel but you are right in the heart of the safari region and can see close up the various types of flora and fauna. These lodge holidays also include some luxury camps.

You can spend time on a lake and crater safari as for the four day camping option or you can spend a couple of days exploring the Tarangire National Park as well. A three day lodge safari is known as the Taste of Tanzania and is aimed at giving visitors a general overview of what the safari region has to offer. A classic lodge safari can be taken over four days and will take you in the national parks that have already been mentioned. The Big Migration Safari is a must for anyone who is interested in the local wildlife. This takes 5 days and will also take in all the main national parks. If you want to explore the northern region of Tanzania you can do so on a six day safari which allows you to visit four of the national parks but there is also a seven day option.

Longer safaris are becoming very popular and you can spend eight days on the Crossing Border Lodge Safari which covers not just Tanzania but also parts of the Masai Mara in the southern part of Kenya. The southern part of Tanzania can be covered in a nine day safari, although those who want to explore the eastern part of the country will be able to take advantage of the 12 day safari which moves at a fairly leisurely pace but still has so much to offer.

When you go on safari there are a number of features which are included automatically such as your transportation and the services of an experienced guide with English-speaking skills. Meals are usually included as mineral water is. All overnight stays when camping out are included or accommodation if you are staying in one of the lodges. The camping equipment is provided and any fees to get in to the national parks. It should be noted that there are also a few things that are not included. Not all tour operators will provide you with a sleeping bag and only water is provided, not any other type of drink. You will need to arrange your own visas and travel insurance too.

Doing a little research ahead of time is a must as it is important not to go unprepared. The weather will be hot so items such as sun hats and sun screen are a must as is the right clothing. Reaching Tanzania is easy as there is a busy international airport and some of the tour operators will include airport transfers as part of the deal. It is not advised that you simply wander into the national park unsupervised. Always go accompanied by a guide and in a group as this is the safest way to travel in the region. Safaris are no longer the holiday of choice for those who love to get their hands dirty. The addition of luxury accommodation has meant that this holiday now appeals to a broader range of people, helped by new levels of affordability. It is a great way to meet new people as well as locals and it is often seen as the holiday of a lifetime.


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