There are a million and one reasons why you would love to undertake a road trip across Uganda, ranging from opportunities of exploring the small Towns, the untouched wilderness, spectacular Hiking Trails, and beautiful safari destinations along the way. Besides the odd potholes on some roads that are capable of making you stranded for hours, Uganda’s general road infrastructures are wonderful with kilometers upon kilometers of well-maintained tarred roads surrounded by magnificent rolling landscapes hence making Uganda a magical country to explore through road trips.

Provided are 7 tips you should consider when planning road trips in Uganda;

Plan in advance

Being spontaneous is exciting and wonderful when traveling but when it comes to planning road trips especially during the peak seasons, it is important to plan the important aspects in advance. You will need to book the accommodation facilities in advance especially in popular safari destinations and don’t forget to add some time for toilet breaks, traffic congestion, and leg stretches. Uganda boasts of numerous magnificent attractions and if you don’t properly plan your road trips, you might end up backtracking and wasting a lot of time on the road instead of exploring the attractions, and it is important to determine what time you wish to spend at each attraction. Don’t also forget to carry cash for destinations and stopovers (roadside stops, supermarkets, and restaurants) where credit cards are not accepted.

Find a road-worthy vehicle

No driver wishes to get stuck in the middle of nowhere when undertaking a road trip and therefore another important tip to consider when planning a self drive road trip in Uganda is checking the roadworthiness of your Car. Yes, car breakdowns can never be completely avoided but try as much as possible to have the car serviced and insured in advance before undertaking the trip.

Make sure to drive cautiously

Now that you have learned that Uganda has several potholes on its roads, highways are quite trouble-free but this cannot be said about Ugandan drivers. From the blatant breaking of traffic rules and regulations on the roads to their thoughtless over speeding, road accidents have taken thousands of lives each year. Regardless of this appearing as lawlessness, most self-drivers safely arrive at their final destinations without serious incidents. So long as you follow the rules, avoid cell phone distractions, get assistance with GPS or Google maps, and get an assistant driver (preferably a local), avoiding the temptation of street foods will make your road trip smooth and unforgettable.

Add entertainment to your Road Trip to Uganda

Adding entertainment to your road trip in Uganda is a perfect choice if you are traveling solo or with someone, grown-up to avoid boredom. Throw in some of Ugandans exciting jams by Eddy Kenzo, Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool, Rema, and many others spiced by some of the International jams, and be sure of wishing to undertake road trips every time you are in Uganda. However, if you are traveling with children you can add some kid-related games to avoid distraction and bore down, because children can become problematic when bored.

Don’t forget spare tyres

Another important thing you should never forget during your road trip in Uganda is having spare tyres that will save you in case of damages and punctures of the main tyres. Therefore properly inspecting the car is important before embarking on your journey because as earlier mentioned, some Ugandan roads are full of potholes. Besides the spare tyres, add tyre jack and other important equipment required to change the tyre during the road trip.

Carry extra fuel in jerrycans

This seems odd in other places but if you are planning to undertake road trips (especially long distances) in Uganda, carry extra fuel in jerrycans because it is sometimes difficult to find fuel stations in remote areas of the country including National Parks. Additionally, make sure that you have extra jerrycans for carrying water to cool down the car radiator.

Remove fear

You must have heard that Uganda is unsafe for first-time travelers but this is totally untrue because it is one of the safest safari destinations in the African Continent, especially outside of big Towns. Ugandans are generally one of the friendliest people and are always willing to offer help to visitors. However, for safety purposes avoid driving at night, flaunting valuables in public, and leaving your valuables unattended in the car.


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