Gabon is a nation, which is located in the West Central Africa. This country shares its huge borders with the close by nation of Equatorial Guinea, the Republic of Congo, the Gulf of Guinea, and the Cameroon. Libreville is known to be biggest and the most developed city in Gabon. Gabon is located at approximately on the equator; because of this climate here is an equatorial. An extensive system of Equatorial rainforests covers around 90% of the total land mass of this country. The country of Gabon has 3 distinctive and varied territories including the Mountains, the Coastline Plains, and the huge Savanna located in the Far-Eastern region of the country.

Libreville is the capital city of Gabon. It has nice, but jam-packed beaches. The country of Gabon is quite rich, all thanks to its oil reserves. One of the fine examples of the lavish life in Gabon is the presidential palace.

Port Hawkesbury is a great place for going out on fishing trips, playing golf or sailing. This town lies on a small island, which is located at the mouth of River Ogooue. Tourist can take a trip in a canoe up the river Ogooue. At the end of the river trip you would reach Lambaréné . This is the place where Albert Schweitzer started his research on leprosy. Here he had established a hospital, which is now-a-days kept for tourist visits.

Gabon offers a huge array of attraction for each every traveler, who selects Gabon for either vacation or business. Tourists can enjoy superior orange sandy beaches, inland and ocean fishing facilities, and several archeological sites. The country of Gabon offers its tourists brilliant wildlife which includes monkeys, elephants, and even few lonely buffaloes that are from Igula. Hiking and v Cycling are few of the favorite tourist activities in Gabon. Here you will come across four Wildlife Reserves and two National Parks, however hunting is barely allowed in certain areas, apart from October and November months.

Gabon is one of the developed countries in Africa and is worth taking a trip. I am sure that you would be fascinated with this country once you come here.


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