If you’re planning a visit to Australia, then you’ll be glad to know you can save money on your accommodation by staying in Sydney apartments instead of regular hotels.

While there are plenty of excellent Sydney hotels to choose from, many business people and seasoned travelers elect to use some of the many available Sydney apartments instead.

These Sydney apartments are easy enough to find in the local phone book, but there’s list to get you started available at the end of this article.

Just as your Australian hotels range from hostel (pension) standard up to five star luxury hotels, Sydney apartments can be found in every price bracket and level of service.

Many Sydney apartments are conveniently placed in the central business district (the Sydney CBD), while others are located in pleasant Sydney suburbs a little further out. Some, for example, and located near Sydney beaches such as Bondi, or Coogee, or Manly.

Most are easily reached by bus, and some are on a train route. Manly can be reached by bus as well, but it’s more fun to take the ferry ride across Sydney’s magnificent harbor to Circular Quay (pronounced Circular Key).

Whether you’re looking for a large suite to hold a family of six or entertain business guests. Then maybe you’d prefer to keep the price right down and have a tiny studio one-room apartment. Whatever your requirements, there will be a Sydney apartment deal to save you money and make your stay in Australia a comfortable one.

Before you decide which of the many Sydney apartments will be the one for you, do some basic investigation for yourself.

You ought to contact maybe three places, and compare what they charge and what they offer. Then write a list of the places you’ll visiting for business or pleasure, and check how each of the Sydney apartments you’re considering is located in relation to those places.

Find out how far these Sydney apartments are from public transport (bus/ferry/train), and ask them how much the fares are and how often the services run. Then ask about cafes, restaurants, food supermarkets, entertainment and laundry facilities.

That way you’ll enjoy your visit to Australia a little bit more, and you’ll get the maximum use from your choice of the Sydney apartments available to you.

David Harvey is a former journalist who spent half his life in southeast Asia and who now resides in Sydney Australia. After working in I.T. he now publishes several successful web sites, including https://www.sydney-nsw-australia.com and https://www.dirt-cheap-airline-tickets.info You are free to use this article as long as his link in the article and/or resource box is clickable by human visitors, and can be followed by the search engine spiders.


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