Travelling with children can be both a joy and a challenge. When they’re happy and excited, seeing your kids explore a new culture and experience their new surroundings can be fantastic but when they’re tired, bored or unimpressed the consequences can be disastrous.

Choosing a destination that caters for kids is therefore a must if you want to avoid unnecessary dramas. If you’re heading to Europe anytime soon, here are some of the best places to go with the kids in tow.


The Spanish are famous for their warm, friendly and inclusive attitude to children and it’s not uncommon to see Spanish children up late at night enjoying a meal or a drink with their parents (image by zoetnet).

Barcelona has the added advantage of being on the coast, so once you’ve finished exploring the alleyways of the Gothic Quarter and admiring the attractions of Las Ramblas, you can head to the beach for some seaside fun! Affordable flights to Barcelona are available online and in less than 3 hours you can be in the country of the sunshine and the fiesta.

The Black Forest

The Black Forest in Germany’s south west corner is the stuff that fairy tales are made of. Full of tall trees, picturesque towns and even a castle or two, you kids will be instantly won over by the magical feel of the forest.

To get there you can get cheap flights to Amsterdam, Basel, Strasburg or Karlsruhe and then hire a car to take you the rest of the way, enjoying the changing landscape as you go.


When it comes to child-friendly cities, London is up there with the best. As many of the attractions are free, you can entertain the little ones without breaking the bank!

Head to the Science Museum or the Natural History Museum for a spot of educational fun before checking out the gruesome scenes at the London Dungeons or Madam Tussauds Chamber of Horrors.


If you’re looking for family fun in the sun, the beautiful and historic island of Crete is hard to beat. The fifth largest island in the Mediterranean, Crete is literally surrounded by some of the best beaches in Europe and you’re kids will delight in discovering them (image by Gedsman).

Plus, there are loads of family friendly restaurants and the island is dotted with ancient ruins, adding a bit of education to the trip.

Though travelling with children can be a challenge, it can also be incredibly rewarding, leaving your family with great memories they’ll treasure forever.


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