When one thinks of the name Hawaii, so many beautiful images come to mind – sun soaked beaches, palm trees, cocktails – ah it is the life. The island is one of THE places to go on Honeymoon or on the trip of a lifetime so what is the fuss all about? Well apart from the beautiful white sandy beaches, the island boasts some of the most welcoming and genuine people around. The luxury hotels here are second to none and visiting here will make all your friends jealous too!

How to get there
The plane fare from London to Hawaii is somewhere in the region of £700. Flights are regular and when booked as part of a package you can make significant savings.

Things to Do

Hawaii is a place of extreme natural beauty whether you go diving in the coral reefs or are lying on the beach sipping cocktails whilst watching the world go by. Hawaii is beautiful ladies in their flower garlands with hibiscus flowers adorning their hair. Hawaii is also a great island for walking and hiking. It has a beautiful cuisine all of its own and along with its majestic scenery and nature, a visit to the island will stay within your heart and mind forever. The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is also a must see.

Hiring a car with a driver is a great option for those wanting to explore away from the beaten track. Also of course, you can hire a car yourself – whatever you feel is best.

Where to Stay

When you are planning a visit to the Big Island of Hawaii, if you are able, it is good to divide your time up between both sides of the island. Besides the beautiful big luxury hotels with spas and beautiful pools, there are many little inns and B&B’s in which to rest your head. These are better if you are looking to get an authentic taste of the island and its hospitality.

For those interested in the flora, fauna and volcanic activity which the island is famous for, a stay at The Chalet Kilauea Collection will blow you away. You will be staying at the accrual rim of the active Kilauea Volcano. This is an unspoiled development of lodgings set within the most beautiful gifts of Mother Nature. Imagine experiencing glorious fairytale waterfalls, tropical plants and the beautiful soundtrack of the creatures and birds of the forest. This setting is awe inspiring and something which you will never ever forget!

So what are you waiting for? There is a truly beautiful world out there for you to enjoy and to explore. You work so hard throughout the year, make your holidays count and start by visiting Hawaii!


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