Wild Wadi Dubai is a haven for free-spirits. This fun-packed theme park is an ideal place to chill out and have a whale of a time. The rides offered at the Wild Wadi Water Park guarantee to get your adrenaline pumping and are definitely not for the faint-hearted folks. This outdoor water park boasts of uphill and downhill rides, surfing and body-boarding pools, a wave pool and many more rides for those seeking a kick out of pure adventure. The best way to escape the scorching heat of Dubai, a trip to this city is complete with a visit to the park.

Ideally located in the upscale area of Jumeirah, it is in close proximity to the Burj Al Arab and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. It has a total of 17 slides, 3 pools which include a heated and cooled pool, and a wave pool. The Wild Wadi Dubai has both uphill and downhill slides. The Master Blaster slides are in fact roller-coasters in which people have to sit in a ring which moves uphill with the help of high-intensity water jets. The Master Blaster slides include White Water Wadi, Jebel Lookout, Wadi Leap, Hos’N Hurler, Falaj Fury, Wadi Twister, Wadi Basher, and Flood River Flyer.

The downhill slides are called Ring Rides. Tumble Falls, Falcon Fury, Rushing Rapids, Thunder Rapids, and Tunnel of Doom offer the visitors an infinite amount of thrill as they move downhill at high speeds. Both the uphill and downhill slides have a single and double ring seating. One cannot miss the Jumeirah Sceirah at Wild Wadi Dubai. It is the tallest and fastest free-fall slide outside of the North American region. It reaches a height of 108 ft and riders can zoom down at a speed of 80kmph. Tantrum Alley, a ride with two slides involves the guests seated in a tube and travel downwards through 3 tornadoes and land in the pool with a splash. The Burj Surj is another spectacular ride wherein the guests seated in a tube are hurtled downwards into 2 bowls and then into a pool. These rides are a new addition to Wild Wadi Dubai and are unique to the region.

If these weren’t enough, the FlowRider rides offer surfing and body-boarding opportunities. Known as Wipeout and Riptide, they are surfing simulators which shoot up several tones of water per second in a thin sheet across moulded foam structures. The waves look so real that the guests can ride the waves in style.   Yet another magnificent aspect of Wild Wadi water park is the wave pool or the Breakers Bay. In fact it is the largest pool in this region. Here, parallel and crossing waves are generated and they go up to a height of 5 feet.

If you are not the adventurous type, Juha’s Journey is perfect for you. This “ride” is a river of more than 300 feet in length allowing a person to lie back and relax, while they float around the Wild Wadi Dubai Park. Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon is this theme park’s children’s section.


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