Self-drive East Africa is an accredited car rental company that hires out its 4×4 rental cars to travelers on self-drive.

At Self-drive East Africa, we offer tremendous car rental services in East Africa including, Rooftop tent rentals, Long or short term car rentals, car rental with camping gear, GPS hire, travel maps as well as gorilla and Chimpanzee Permit booking.

The best self-drive 4×4 car hire options for self-drive tours in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania are the Toyota Land Cruiser (Prado or Hardtop), 4×4 Toyota Rav4, Toyota Hiace or super custom for families and Toyota Hilux Dual Cab. These cars have a great track record and are the most capable and enduring for a 4×4 self-drive in the wild.

East Africa represents Africa’s beauty with a wide number of untamed wildlife reserves that attracts many tourists all over the world. In Uganda and Rwanda, we find the ONLY world’s last remaining population of the critically endangered mountain gorillas, inhabited in Volcanoes National Park (Rwanda), Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, and Mgahinga National park in Uganda. Among other areas of interest in Uganda include Murchison Falls National Park, Kibale National park, Queen Elizabeth, Semuliki Park, Lake Mburo, Mount Rwenzori, Mt. Elgon, and Kidepo valley among others.

Kenya and Tanzania are famous for the wildebeest migration that attracts thousands of Visitors into Masai Mara National Park in Kenya and Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Book a very reliable car with Self-drive East Africa and explore all the hidden treasures of East Africa in a self-guided self-drive adventure.

Travel documents

This trip requires numerous things. It’s more pleasing when you make arrangements and book everything in advance. It starts with the travel documents. Before you think about anything else ensure that all your travel documents are valid and with you.

The list of these documents includes a valid passport, tourist visa, yellow fever and the covid-19 vaccination card. After that, next to secure is the flight ticket.

Countries to visit

East Africa has different nations to explore but first start with Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya or Rwanda. These destinations have a lot for you especially if you are addicted to Wildlife, Nature, mountain hiking and culture.


Renowned as the pearl of Africa, Uganda is a destination like no other. It is located near Kenya in the east, Tanzania in the south, Rwanda in south west, DR Congo in the west and South Sudan in the north.

Its unending charm starts in Kampala, the capital. A city tour alone will expose you a plethora of things including the historical sites like Kasubi tombs, religious sites, local markets, craft shops to name but a few.

After the capital, there is another interesting stop for you and this is Jinja. The tourist spot in eastern region packs plenty into a traveler’s itinerary. While in this area you can enjoy different thrilling activities like white water rafting, bungee jumping, boat cruise, quad biking, tubing the Nile and more.

From here you can extend your adventure to other parts of the country to uncover the protected areas like there is a lot to explore during your trip to Uganda National parks, Sanctuaries and game reserves. Don’t miss places like Kidepo, Murchison, Queen, Lake Mburo, Kibale and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.


Another interesting destination for you is Tanzania. Adding to the vast wilderness areas, this nation differs itself unique with diverse wildlife, marine parks, and the tropical islands of Zanzibar.

It is home to the highest mountain in Africa. This nation has multiple vibrant cities and airports which welcome several flights from various parts of the World. Make sure to arrive at Arusha airport. You can arrange to rent a 4×4 car in Arusha that you can use to explore other places in Tanzania.

There is a lot to explore in Tanzania such as the Rhinos of Samburu, Wildebeests of Serengeti, and the Kilimanjaro ranges among others

Starting from Arusha in the north eastern Tanzania you can explore different Interesting places in Tanzania and possibly others outside the country. Make sure not to miss Serengeti, the hub of wildlife encounters.


Next on list is Kenya, a country in East Africa with a coastline on the Indian Ocean. It delights tourists with mountain highlands, Lakelands, rich culture, Savannah grasslands and the dramatic great valley.

The capital, Nairobi has changed immensely over the past decade transforming into a cosmopolitan city with western style shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants and speciality stores offering everything from hip designer shoes, traditional German sausages to artisan bakeries.

Kenya is an extraordinary country for a self-drive safari and wildlife viewing boasting over 50 National Parks and Reserves. So you will be forgiven if you imagine Kenya to be vast plains littered with wildlife happily grazing on the savannah, lions shrouding in long grass stalking unbeknown to their prey and large herds of elephant gracefully gliding across the valley. This is all true. But this is not all Kenya has to offer the intrepid traveller.

National parks like Masaai Mara, Samburu, Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha, Amboseli, and Nairobi among others.

Kenya offers everything from adventure activities like white water rafting near Mt Kenya to sail boarding on the magical Swahili coast, trekking to the peak of Mt Kenya to a multiday trek across Masai Land, various desert safaris around Lake Turkana to a camel trek near Laikipia and Samburu. Kenya has it all from dramatic mountains, vibrant deserts, magnificent savannah plains and spectacular tropical beaches. All packaged into a relatively small diverse country the perfect destination for a self-drive safari.


Planning to visit Rwanda for a safari adventure, business trip or research project but still wondering how you will be getting around. You can now rent a car for self-drive in Rwanda with Self-drive East Africa for a chance to explore the country’s vast attractions in the driving seat.

We understand how fascinating it is to drive yourself to a national park or around Kigali city with just a GPS to direct you and that’s why we will get you a car suited for both the smooth city streets as well as the rough off-beaten Rwanda Park tracks.

Planning to visit Rwanda for safari and still wondering what activity to do and how to get around, we have a wide range of safari cars in Rwanda suited for park tours plus our tour guides are professional and most importantly well experienced with good knowledge about Akagera, Nyungwe forest and Volcano parks plus Kigali city and neighboring destinations.

Whether you are interested in tracking mountain gorillas, bird watching, hiking, game drives, nature walks or want to explore the genocide memorial sites, we more than ready to organize for you the trip of a life time. Our Rwanda safaris and tours are suitable for adventure seekers, leisure travelers, families on vacation, business men, researchers and students so we have something to offer for every.


To have an unmatched experience make sure to start with Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya. You can choose one, two or combine three countries. Since these nations share borders, a combined self-drive trip is more possible. A drive through East Africa exposes you to lots of adventure that will make your trip memorable.


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