As the first authorized national forest park in China, Zhangjiajie national forest park covers 480 thousand square meters. Vegetation accounts for about 98% of the national park. There are 720 species and 102 families, consisting of five floras, for instance, rose family, legumes, grass family, composite family as well as orchid family, some of which are regarded as national treasure.
The Dove trees, known as living fossils, date back from the Fourth Ice Age. Various plants in the national park accounts for 82% of all the flora in Hunan Province.
The park is a not only majestic and eccentric, but tranquil, delicate as well as wild, featured with grotesque peaks, lucid brooks, abundant fauna and floras as well as hospitable climate. There are six main attractions in the park as follows:

Yellow Stone Stronghold
Covering an area of 41 acres, yellow stone stronghold is the largest observing spot in the forest park. It is 1,200 meters high above sea level. One can not claim to have visited Zhangjiajie without seeing the Yellow Stone Stronghold. The important attractions are tranquil trails, precious boxes, needle peaks, Southern Gate to Heaven, Five-Finger Peak as well as others.

Golden Whip Stream
The most charming scenery in the park is Golden Whip Stream, which is named after the Golden Whip Rock. The stream, 5.7 kilometers long, joins the Chinese Lute stream. Flanked by ridges and peaks, the stream is so crystal clear that it is possible to observe every action of fish in the water. There are also a large number of wild flowers.

Yuanjiajie, in the north of the national park, is very essential for visitors to look around. It faces giant rocks rising from deep valleys and is surrounded by higher mountains. The unique shape and pine trees form a vivid Chinese painting. There are some wonderful places worth appreciating, for instance, Back Garden, breath-taking Mihun Stage as well as the sun under the First Bridge.


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