Located on the Taiwan Strait between Taiwan and China, Penghu Islands, called Pescadores Islands, means the islands of fishermen in Portuguese, with regarded as the pearls scattered in the sea by fairies.

The Penghu Islands are made up of 64 isles, with about 92,253 people living on 20 different isles. Paisha is famous for folktales and seaweed. The classical sculpture and paintings of Hsiaomen Island created a masterpiece of an artist, making people all around the world fascinated with it. The unique natural environment of Wangan Island attracts not only tourists but green turtles to lay their eggs.

Makung City is the largest in Penghu Islands, known as the goddess of sea by locals. Fifty-four thousand people live here. The main sightseeing spots contain ancestors temples and the longest coastline among all the towns of Penghu Islands.

The special plants growing vastly in Penghu Islands are cactus, which were originated in Mexico and West India. There are six different kinds of cactus in Penghu Islands. Cactus fruits are collected when ripe to make cactus ice creams to earn a living for decades.

The Penghu archipelago owns a superior geographical position, with the East separated from the Penghu channel, opposite the island of Taiwan Islands. The islands are very different in climate from the island of Taiwan, with an annual average temperature of 27.7 .

The Penghu Islands are also rich in marine resources, with nearly 300 kinds of migration and benthic fish, as well as lobsters, shellfish, coral reefs, algae, etc.


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