Have you visited the 6 other continents and only need a trip to Antarctica to complete your dream travel list?

Are you a scientist who wants to go to Antarctica for a research expedition?

Or do you just really love penguins and think a vacation in Antarctica is the way to see them best?

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Travel to Antarctica Vacations Today
If sweating and extreme scorching summers have made you feel like a cactus and you want to get the pleasure of cold winds, then Antarctica is one of the best options for you. So, travel to Antarctica vacations!

“Are you trying to make a fool out of me?” This is the prompt reply you’d get from thousands of people who have not yet traveled for Antarctica vacations. It is actually one of the most sought after places to visit in the world. The reason behind this reaction is the false perception about the landscape of Antarctica, i.e. it is a bed of ice. This is not true! Antarctica is a mountainous desert and has coasts covered with snow in the extremely dry and cold winters.  It is ideal to visit Antarctica during the austral summer season i.e. from November to March.

In the summer, Antarctica witnesses a day of twenty four hours (without nightfall) which allows the snow to melt, and the mercury in the thermometer to touch the high mark 14°C or 57°F. In winter it is completely dark 24/7 and people there witness high temperatures as low as -15°C or 5°F.  In late summer (that is in February and March), it is worth every penny to see penguin eggs being hatched. You can also see large whales skimming through the ice chilled water.  So, if you are a true penguin and whale lover, and want to see them in large numbers, then you should travel to Antarctica vacations.

In addition to penguins, there are large numbers of other species present in Antarctica that attract researchers and wildlife lovers from all around the world. From some of the most visited places on Antarctica vacations, you can observe animals such as:

•    Blue eyed Shags
•    Leopard Seals
•    Steamer Ducks (found nowhere else in the world)
•    Southern Elephant Seals
•    Whales, Dolphins, Sea Birds, and more

This large biodiversity is the major source of tourist attraction during Antarctica vacations. If you are going to travel to Antarctica vacations, then it will require full-fledged preparation because of its remote location and scarcity of resources like drinking water and other edibles. Despite these obstacles, when you travel to Antarctica vacations you will be in for an experience of a life time where you can see mountains covered with snow and semi-solid beaches during your summer trip.

There are two ways to travel to Antarctica vacations – by sea or by air. Cruises are the major carriers for the passengers from Ushuaia, Auckland and Chile to Antarctica. Aurora Expeditions, Fathom Expeditions, Heritage Expeditions, and Mountain Travel Sobek are among the cruise lines operating Antarctica cruises. Another option to travel to Antarctica is via airplanes. Among the few airlines that fly to the Antarctic, The Antarctic Company and White Desert are the two most prominent.

There are no hotels located in Antarctica, so whenever you plan to travel to Antarctica vacations, make sure that you have made pre-arrival arrangements. Hotels are located in areas like Ushuaia, Chile (Punta Arenas) and Auckland, New Zealand. These services should be reserved for the pre cruise voyage by tourists. Whereas in Antarctica, ships and boats are the main places where you can sleep and eat the best food. Famous vessels that have accomodations inside them are:

•    Akademik Shokalskiy
•    Grigoriy Mikheev
•    Orlova
•    Kapitan Khlebnikov

In short, one should plan to travel to Antarctica vacations with the clear mind that he will not be able to live in seven star hotels and swim in tropical beach waters. But what you will get to see is more of Mother Nature than you ever expected when you travel to Antarctica.

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